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  • We offer complex
    electrical installations and electrical assemblies
  • Carpentry and joinery works
  • Construction works

The DeMar Group offers

Our construction company deals with various branches of electrical installations and construction works

Complex electrical installations


We implement high current installations and low current installations, complex house and
apartment installations, electrical installations, complex electrical assembly in industrial area,
electrotechnical and pneumatic assemblies, automation of industrial machines and many other electrical assembly works.

Construction works

Stavebné práce

Complex construction works, implementation of building interiors and exteriors and
buildings, implementation of wooden partition walls, ceilings, terrace boards, wooden
coverings, wooden window frames, doorjambs, exterior wooden constructions and walls,
implementation of monolithic construction, etc.

Selected references

Vybrané referencie

Our construction company based in Slovakia is active in several countries of the European
Union, mainly in Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and Austria. In the past, we have taken part
in several interesting projects and constructions. We offer the selected references from our